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From Richard’s Desk 18/04/12

As I prepare to go to Kenya, I find myself once more trying to get things arranged: rotas sorted, speakers arranged, assignments finished, and a whole list of personal preparations to complete. It seems that everytime I go away I leave myself a mountain to climb, meaning the start of any trip is usually a stressful affair, although the plane flight – hours sitting and doing very little – usually takes that out of me.

Just to be morbid for a moment, if I was preparing for life’s final journey what would I want to ensure was in place? Most of us would think about our families – ensuring everything and everyone was taken care of – and ensuring nobody had to bear the burden of sorting out our affairs.

A few years ago, a preacher said, ‘If you knew that you only had a few hours left on earth is there anyone that you would like to put things right with before you go?’ There was a pause while we all thought about people with whom we were not in the best of relationships. He continued, ‘then what is stopping you doing it now?’

None of us know how long we have left or when our final day will be. If there is anything we need to put right, or can do to make the world a better place between now and then, we should do it without delay. What is stopping you?

God bless


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