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Spiritual Fitness and Health

 Like most people of a certain age, I struggle to maintain my weight. I finished last year a stone heavier than I began it. Since the beginning of this year, through a combination of regular exercise, portion control, a change of diet and self-discipline, I am within touching distance of being back where I was […]

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On my travels, I never cease to be amazed and frustrated at the sensitivity of the person scanner at Dubai International Airport. On the way to India, I was stripped down to my jeans, T-shirt, shoes and underwear but still managed to set off the sensor. On my way back, I thought I would pre-empt […]

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He Restores My Soul

Sometimes, in the midst of all I am doing, I can become weary. This tiredness is not through lack of sleep particularly, but through lack of space. Whilst I try to build downtime into my routine, at times unavoidable things encroach on that space and that does not always leave sufficient recovery time. I do […]

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Hope for a Broken World

 As I sit here trying to compose my sermon for this coming Sunday, thoughts of the world around me flood my mind. The unity across denominations that I witnessed at Swanwick this week, despite differences, stands in stark contrast to the posturing and disunity that we see in the world around us, especially in the Brexit […]

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The Kingdom of God

Last night I watched The Viceroy’s House – a film that came out last year (the 70th anniversary of  Indian independence). It presents a picture of Earl Mountbatten as the last Viceroy of India leading up to independence and  partition caught in the crossfire of vested interest. On the one hand was the British Government […]

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The Unity of the Spirit

I have been exercised recently about what constitutes error or even heresy (not the lightest of topics to be considering here I know). Over the years, Christians have branded one another as heretics and have done unspeakable things to each other – although not for a few hundred years. These days, when we disagree over […]

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The Right Kind of Fuel

This week I filled up my car with the wrong kind of fuel. Not only did I feel like an idiot but it proved to be quite a costly mistake. Hopefully, there is no long term damage to the car. As I was thinking about this, I was reminded of the encouragements of scripture concerning […]

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The Answer to the World’s Problems

This year the teaching series is focusing on Jesus the Messiah. He is, of course, the focus of our faith. In coming to earth and laying aside his majesty, he achieved what could be achieved no other way: reconciliation between us and God; between the creation and the creator; between heaven and earth. He is […]

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Richard’s Blog May 2015

Spring brings with it the promise of new life. That which was dead in the ground suddenly bursts fourth in fragrance and colour and warms the hearts of all those who look on. This is nature’s way of mirroring the Resurrection and the empty tomb. But it is also a reminder to us of the […]

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Richard’s Blog 01/01/2015

As the Christmas Carols fade in our ears and the tinsel begins to look tired around the tree, our thoughts turn to the year ahead. This can provoke a number of different reactions. For some there may be a sense of anticipation as they consider some good things they know will lie ahead. For others there may […]

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