This will be a Christmas like no other we have experienced. As yet, we do not know what restrictions will remain in place or who we will be able to meet with. Buying presents has been even more of an online experience than in previous years which will give further challenge to retailers. Christmas parties are just not going to happen which has implications for the hospitality industry. On TV, there is the usual plethora of Christmas cooking programmes which are showing us how to make food that we probably won’t be able to share with anybody. Christmas carol concerts / services will be via YouTube, Facebook or some other platform. All the traditions that make up a ‘normal’ Christmas are under threat.
One phrase that I have heard bandied about on TV is ‘the spirit of Christmas’. I have no idea what that actually means but I think it is a reference to events incorporating family, friends and fun that occur at this time of year. The issue I have is not that such things are unimportant, but that the real meaning of Christmas is not in such events but in one event: the advent! The coming of the Son of God to this earth to bring salvation, healing, forgiveness, hope and life for all humanity. However, you spend your Christmas this year, take time out to give thanks to God for stepping into human history for your sake and for mine!
God bless