This has been a busy summer for me. It began with my trip to Nepal and India, then, soon after I was back, I was looking after my grandchildren. September came and I was off on holiday and attending a family wedding. Whilst this was all great, I am now looking forward to a more regular pattern of living.

September / October signals the commencement of the run up to Christmas. Already the weather is telling us that it will not be too long before full-blown winter is with us. This winter will be a challenge for many people as we see fuel costs and other prices rising. However, as Christians, we carry a message of hope. Our hope is not in our political masters; it is not in the bankers to provide a ‘trickle down;’ effect; it is not in the media who set themselves up as the conscience of society. Our hope is in Jesus who has promised never to leave us nor forsake us. Let us set our hope in him in the months to come as face what will be a difficult time. Only he is dependable above all else.

God bless