It is not difficult to notice that we have a crisis of leadership at present in this country. I am not just talking about at governmental level, I am meaning at all levels. In 1969 Laurence J. Peter wrote a book called ‘The Peter Principle’ in which he suggested that, within in any organization, people rise through promotion to their level of incompetence. They may be a good engineer, scientist or administrator, but a poor manager / leader. However, in order to progress in terms of their career or finances, they have no option but to become a manager. This gives rise to subordinates being treated badly, teams being poorly led, and frustration on the part of those who have never been trained or equipped to lead. On what basis are our politicians trained to lead the country? I think the answer is, they are not.

This is a time when we, the church, need to be taking seriously the words of Paul in 1 Timothy 2:1-2, ‘…pray for those in authority…’ We may not like the colour of their party or some of the things they stand for, but I am sure it was no different when Paul wrote those words to Timothy. One thing is for sure, in the current crisis (which is worldwide) they need all the help they can get.

God bless