A number of times in the recent past, I have heard people speaking about ‘our community’ in reference to the church. This is a real thrill for me as it reflects a sense of unity – of oneness – where we see ourselves as part of something bigger than ourselves. We are not just a random bunch of people attending a religious service but a vibrant community of God’s people brought together for purpose in relationship with one another.

One of the problems in society as a whole is lack of community. Many people find themselves in isolation with no sense of belonging. The church was, from the beginning, designed to be different. It is where God’s people share their lives, their vision, their hopes and their dreams. We are also a journeying community, on our way to become all that Jesus has called us to be individually and collectively. I would encourage each one of us to celebrate the community God has put us in whilst encouraging others to come and join us.

God bless