April signals the real beginning of Spring. It is usually the time when we begin to feel the weather warm up, where the flowers begin to bloom, and when the days begin to get longer. It is also the highlight of the Christian calendar as we remember the Passion of the Lord, and celebrate the glorious resurrection. This year will also include baptisms, where we join with those who declare outwardly their journey from death to life.

Just as the world wakes up from its long, winter sleep, so it is time for the church of Jesus Christ to wake up from its stupor. Over the last few years we have seen a rapid decline in values and standards, and we have seen a radical agenda pushed upon us which has caused confusion and dysphoria within society. The only hope for this lost world is Jesus. In this season of hope and expectation, may we encourage others on life’s journey to encounter the saviour, that they too may move from death to life.

God bless