This month sees the crowning of King Charles III. My hope is that he is a better king than his former namesakes. The first was a megalomaniac who plunged the country into civil war; the second presided over one of the most debauched periods in British history. Neither of them covered themselves in glory. We know, of course, that this Charles will not reign as long as his mother. We also know that he has said and done things that conflict with the fact that he is head of the church of England. It does not necessarily bode well. However, In Romans 13, we are instructed to pray for those in authority, so I add my prayer to those of others, that he will be wise in his rulership, and will stand up for justice and righteousness. I also pray that God will speak into his heart so that, even as the ceremony progresses, he might have a life-changing encounter with Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

God bless