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Getting Connected

At BCC we have various groups running weekly, fortnightly or monthly, these are great opportunities for getting connected with other members of the church and to develop your relationship with God and others.



Homegroups are vital to the life of Beverley Community Church. It is through Homegroups that pastoral care and discipleship is carried out. We encourage everyone who wishes to come into membership of the church to become actively involved in a Homegroup.

It is often difficult for the leadership of a church to get to know all members of the church and so Homegroups are designed to act as a support unit that members can go to in order to ask for prayer and also to relate testimonies and victories they have had. We therefore encourage members to become committed to and engaged in a Homegroup at the earliest opportunity.

Beverley Community Church currently has 3 established Homegroups, which are held at different locations within the Beverley area. Each Homegroup runs its own programme incorporating: teaching, worship, fellowship and social activities. Meetings generally start at 8:00 pm.

Contact: Sean Clark on 01482 883310
or email


Meeting every Friday morning at the BCC offices in Saturday Market at 10.00am, this vibrant group of women meet for coffee, fellowship and Bible study.

Contact: Natalie Clark on 07900 485654
or email


We run a number of focus groups in the church. These are targeted around specific subjects, such as prayer, understanding the Bible, etc. They are arranged on an ad hoc basis and will run for a limited period of time. Further details of any focus groups currently running can be found on the latest Notice Sheet.

Contact: Various. See a copy of the latest BCC notice sheet for details
or email


This focus group regularly runs once a month at Richard and Carolyn’s home and each month they look at a different book of the Bible. It is run like a book club and you are welcome to add as much or as little to the conversation as you want. All are welcome.

Contact: David Miller on


Sanctuary is an activity open to all which aims to provide a place of peace, calm and restoration of soul for all who participate. It meets once per month in the church offices and holds an annual retreat. Please see the Notice Sheet for the details of forthcoming events/meetings.

Contact: Rosie Palmeira on 07772 580326
or email


Faith, Life, God, Beer: Purpose Driven Pint provides an environment for blokes to come together to talk about current Issues over a pint of beer in a non-threatening environment. This event is open to all whether of full faith, on a faith journey or of no faith.

Contact: Richard Bradbury on 01482 868124
or email

THE 16-21s GROUP

This group is for students and young adults between the ages of 16 and 21.

Meetings will be twice a month on 1st & 3rd Mondays 5 – 6.30p.m at BCC offices.

We will start with pizza and some healthier salad bits, drinks and chat. No charge for this.

1st meeting – PPP: pizza, plan, prayer. Plan the next few weeks together because this is your group.
2nd meeting – Ethical and life issues. You choose the subjects to discuss and someone of your choice from the church to invite in to join us.
3rd meeting – Social of your choice.
4th meeting – Your life. We will eat together then split into single sex groups. Will tell you more about this at the first meeting.

Half term week it would be good to meet up for a planned bold action or act of kindness.

You are welcome to bring a friend to the meetings provided they have left year 11 at school and are age 16-21 but please check with me first.

Contact: Angie Spence on 07917 221896
or email