Vision, Values and History


The vision of Beverley Community Church can be summarised in the phrase ‘Reservoirs and Watercourses’. We believe that BCC has been established to be a repository of God’s blessing in Beverley and the surrounding area, and to be a source of blessing to others, in the community, in the immediate area, and in other parts of the nation and the world.

The first part of this vision is the creation of structures (a reservoir is man-made), which will both encourage the life of God to flow in individuals, and will provide them with the strength and support to sustain that life and to cause that life to flow out for the benefit of others.

The second part of this vision is to create channels by which the life of God that flows amongst the members of BCC will be a blessing, source of life and encouragement to others locally, nationally and internationally. Such channels are the relationships with people outside of BCC which will open up opportunities for us to minister to, bless, serve and provide resources for others outside of our own situation.

Our goal is to teach the gospel in a practical way, but at the same time not moving away from the true meaning of the word. The important thing within our ministry is that people hear the word and are able to apply it to their lives, and as a result experience spiritual growth and growth in every area of their life and in turn they can become a blessing to others.


We hold the following core values which underpin all that we are as a community of God’s people:

We aim to see every member identify and come into the fullness of their gifting whilst developing their character to the image of Christ.

We believe BCC should be a place where all people are accepted on their path to find faith in God regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability or sexual orientation.

A house of grace
We want BCC to be a house of grace where all who come through the door are given access into the blessing of God.

We believe that God would demonstrate his grace and mercy through divine acts of supernatural intervention. We want to create an environment of faith so that the gospel is confirmed ‘with signs following’.

A love for the lost
We believe that one of the primary functions of the church is to reach out to those who do not yet know Christ. Our desire is to engender a love for the lost amongst us.

Jesus prayed ‘that they may be one as we are one’. Our desire is to see a community of God’s people established in Beverley who are typified by the quality of their relationships one with another.


Beverley Community Church was established in 1988 as an independent charismatic evangelical church. The emphasis of the church has always been to achieve growth by new birth rather than relocating the saints.

For 10 years the church was led by Mark Hutton who, in 2001, moved to Lincoln to support the ministry of Stuart Bell. Following Mark’s departure, Richard Bradbury took over the reins and has been leading the church up until the present.

The church has existed for periods of its history in multiple congregations, however, the current vision of the church is to grow the existing congregation in order to be a blessing to Beverley and the surrounding area.