Richard Bradbury – church leader

Richard joined BCC in 1997 when he moved to Yorkshire from Essex. He was brought into the eldership of the church soon after that and, when the previous leader left to take up another position within Groundlevel, Richard assumed the leadership of the church. He is Passionate about the kingdom of God, and about seeing people come into the fulness of all that they can be. He is a Bible teacher, author, and worship leader with a prophetic edge to his ministry. He has travelled overseas in these roles to India and Kenya, and carries responsibility within Groundlevel for a number of churches in the East Yorkshire region. Married to Carolyn, and with four grown up children, he is committed to seeing an expression of the kingdom of God in Beverley both through BCC and through working ecumenically with other churches.

Carolyn Bradbury – social action co-ordinator & children’s work co-ordinator

Natalie Clark – worship leader

Yvonne South – church finances

Peter Webb – audio visual manager

Helen Bashford – administrator