Courses run by BCC

We run various courses during the year, either regularly or ad hoc. Look out for:


This course is an invitation to come and find out about the Christian faith. It provides a no-pressure environment in which participants can explore basic beliefs and ask questions in a non-judgemental environment. All we ask is that participants treat the views of others with mutual respect. If you want to find out more about what we believe or would just like an opportunity to ask some questions and join in the discussions, come along. Details of the next course will appear on this website in due course.


When people come into the church it can be a bewildering experience. This course aims to explain in a practical way things such as how to pray, how to read the Bible, what is Baptism and Communion, and how to be part of the community. It is aimed at people who are early on in their faith journey or those who would just like to understand more about how we function as a church.

Freedom in Christ

Freedom in Christ is a course that has been developed to help people discover who they are. All of us have three basic needs: the need for significance, the need for security and the need for self-worth. Taking these as our starting point, over 13 weeks, the course helps believers understand what the Bible says about them so that they can stand firm in their identity in Christ which will enable them to deal with all that life has brought and will bring to them.

Spiritual and Emotional Wellbeing

All of us have issues that arise through our lives (especially in childhood) that hamper and limit us as we mature. They can hold us back from being all that we could be or from pursuing job opportunities. They can restrict our social engagement or can debilitate us in terms of our daily lives. This course aims to explore such issues in a positive environment so that individuals can develop an understanding of, and strategies for dealing with things such as anxiety and depression and other such issues we may face.

Parenting Enrichment

Parenting is never easy. Most of us learn as we go along and will never get it 100% right. This course aims to help parents consider some of the most common issues that arise especially when parenting teenagers and to develop strategies for dealing with them. It also provides an opportunity to share with other parents our individual experience and perhaps learn from one another in a peer group.

Marriage Enrichment

Every marriage grows and develops as time goes by. All of us face challenges as well as surprises as our relationship with one another in marriage develops. This course aims to help us understand one another more deeply so that our marriages might flourish. It is not a marriage guidance course but rather a narriage enrichment course. If you feel this course would benefit you and your partner, please get in touch.