Life Coaching

So often we are too busy to take time to look at our lives and see if they are going in the direction we want them to. It is as though our life runs itself and we just go along with it.

The good news is that we can take control and make changes. We have more choices and more power than we realise. We choose the friends we have in our lives, we choose where we live, what job or career we have. Much of this is done subconsciously, without us even being aware of the choices we have made. However, many of the things we put into our lives are governed by our expectations of ourselves, what we think we deserve. If you think you deserve a dull and boring life that is probably the life you have, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Often we have limiting self-beliefs or low self esteem. This may be due to things other people have said to us or to past experiences. We can be anxious about making changes and scared of failure. You will be supported to overcome these things to achieve a full and fulfilling life.

Life coaching is about taking time out to consider the different areas in your life, to visualise how you want your life to be and to plan steps to make to achieve this. You will be guided to do this and supported to make the changes.

Coaching appointments are for an hour once a month, with text, e-mail or phone support contact once a week in between sessions as appropriate.

“For me, life coaching has been a fantastic experience. Life coaching offers something rare: the chance to think and talk about your life for an allotted period of time. It is an opportunity to focus on areas of your life that you would like to change, and formulate a plan to do so. It is also a chance to consider your hopes and dreams and how you might achieve them. Angie is very encouraging, really listens to you and is gentle, never pushy. All in all I would not hesitate to recommend this service :-)” Client feedback

To make a referral contact Richard Bradbury or Angie Spence on 07391 853358

Or e-mail:

You will be given an appointment to assess your needs. What happens next depends on the type of support you require. If it is one-to-one support then a suitable worker will be allocated and you will arrange the sessions with them; if it is a group you will be told when the next one is going to run; other activities maybe ongoing and you may be able to join in immediately.

There may be a waiting list, either for groups to run or for a suitable worker to become available.