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The following merchandise items have all been produced by members of Beverley Community Church

Leave a Footprint by Ali Crompton

Ali is a worship leader based in Beverley in Yorkshire and is currently a member of the worship academy run by Andy Bromley and Chris Bowater. This is a very impressive, worship-orientated debut album. If you enjoy new, up and coming Christian UK songwriters then I think this songsmith is one to watch. Mr Crompton has written some very good songs bristling with strong melodies and memorable imagery. Likewise, session-seasoned producer Howard Williams really has caught the essence of Ali’s songs and has produced a very pleasing debut album. I really recommend you consider this to add to your worship music collection.

It’s the End of the World as We Know It

The opening years of this decade have been typified by terrorist atrocities such as 9/11; wars in places like Afghanistan and Iraq; starvation and disease in Africa; natural disasters such as the Tsunami and the earthquakes in Turkey and Pakistan. For the Christian, none of these should be a surprise. They are the “signs of the times”, Jesus himself described events such as these as “the beginning of birth pangs” which point to His Second Coming. This book has been written as a guide to the end time prophecies in the Bible in order that the reader may understand events such as the Rapture, the Millennium, the judgement of the nations and Israel and decipher mysterious personalities such as the beast, the antichrist and the false prophet as the return of Christ draws near.

Wake Up

The debut album of Beverley Community Church worship team. This is a live recording including songs all of which have been written by members of the worship team.
This is a fresh sound for the church of Jesus Christ.

Losing My Religion: The Radical Message of the Kingdom of God


The latest book by  Richard Bradbury that explores what the Bible really says about the Kingdom of God and how it applies to us today. This is an informative and challenging read for the thinking Christian.

If you live in the UK would like to purchase any of the above, please send a cheque for £11.50 (including p&p) to:

Beverley Community Church
49a Saturday Market
East Yorkshire
HU17 8AA

If you are a non-UK resident, please send payment to the value of the items plus £5 for P&P in £ sterling to the above address.

If you would like to know more about this any of these items, please e-mail: