School of Prophecy

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This course is an opportunity to understand what prophesy is and how to prophesy. The course will include both teaching and practical application.

Wednesdays: 21 & 28 October and 4 & 11 November

All starting at 7.30pm  

In The Garden Room, Beverley Arms Hotel

If you want to pursue this gift or just want to find out more about it please let Richard know.

Foundations Course 2015






This is an 8 week course designed to give you solid foundations for your spiritual life that you can build on. It will not give you the answers to everything – that is the exciting part of the relationship with God: there is always more.

Each week we try different ways of worshiping, learn how to read the bible, pray and encourage each other to apply what we have learnt to our lives.

Week 1: Things you need to know

The things it is helpful for you to know about being part of the church, reading the bible and praying and much, much more.

Week 2: 10 Commandments

What is the difference between law and grace? How do we apply the 10 commandments to our lives now?

Week 3: God our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

How can God be our loving father and also an awesome creator? What about Jesus and the Holy Spirit? Does what we are rooted in make a difference to how we behave/feel? What are the fruits of the spirit? What are the gifts of the spirit?

Week 4: The Kingdom of God

What is the Kingdom of God? What is the difference between a church person and a Kingdom person?

Week 5: God’s will and depending on Him

Seeking God’s will when praying. How can we know His will? Where is God when bad things happen? Why do some people get healed and not others? What can we depend on God for?

Week 6: Forgiveness and repentance.

Why is forgiving so important? What if the other person is not sorry? What about forgiving ourselves? What is repentance?

Week 7: Temptation and sin

Is it a sin to be tempted? What does being in a battle mean? What spiritual activities are not ok? How can we protect ourselves?

Week 8: Wholeness

What is the difference between our spirit, body and soul? What happens when we get hurt? How can the truth set us free? Who are we in God?

Discovery Course 21 October 2014

Discovery-heaederYou are warmly invited to join us for the Discovery Course
to held at the Beverley Community Church offices,
49a Saturday Market, Beverley

Tuesdays at 7.30pm.  

Starting on 21 October and running for 6 weeks.

Each Tuesday starts with a simple meal, followed by a talk on the theme for the week, and ends with a discussion.

21 Oct – Is there more to life than this?

28 Oct – If there’s a God why is the world such a mess?

4 Nov – Is there historical evidence for Jesus’ life?

11 Nov – Is there any truth in the Easter Story?

18 Nov – Why so many religions?

25 Nov – Is there a better way to live?

There is no cost as this is funded by the church and you will be our guest. There is no expectation for you to make any kind of religious commitment as this course is for your enquiry and personal discovery. The decisions you make about your life are entirely up to you.

For any further details please contact Angie on 07881 410533.

Chosen Women Day Conference

Chosen-Women-headerWe will be holding another Chosen Women Day Conference at
The Endsleigh Mercy Centre in Hull. 

1st March 2014 from 9.30am – 4.00pm

 If you would like more information or to book a place please email Carolyn:

Phill Clarkson 010

A review of the first day conference

In October last year around twenty of the BCC women spent the day at The Endsleigh Mercy Centre on Beverley Road in Hull. We had a warm introduction by sister Catherine which she ended in her deep Irish accent by letting us know they were looking for new nuns, there were nervous giggles all round. I did hear one of our dear sisters in Christ say she might join them. (Yes, you know who you are!)

We had a beautiful time singing praises, which were lead by Angie Lendon of Hull New Life and then we kicked off our sessions with our very own Sister Carolyn. She talked about us being the body of Christ and all having our part to play in the body. This lead easily into Amanda’s talk on the new commandment Jesus gave his disciples to love one another and by so doing show ourselves to be his disciples. Lucy’s session followed with a challenge of being spiritual parents to the children and young people in our church and in our neighbourhoods. We don’t need to be parents to be able to do this either. A delicious lunch of baked potatoes, and they were cooked to perfection, followed along with various puddings. Yvonne took the session after lunch and took us on a journey of prayer. 

Altogether it was a lovely day to connect with the women there and to hear what God was saying to us through some new voices. 

Comedy Night 21 February 2015


Drinks from 7pm – Start at 7.30pm
Beverley Memorial Hall



Mark Palmer

A South African based in the UK, Mark brings you great comedy with no harmful side-effects.

Jay Foreman

Musical comedian, whose London Underground song online went viral-crazy.

George Egg

The Propmeister, the man of the large suitcase, a circuit veteran whose props and oddities have been wowing crowds for a decade or two.

Line-up subject to change.

£10 Adult, £5 Child under 12 yrs,

Family ticket £25 (admission for 2 adults & 2 children)



Freedom in Christ 2014

Far too few Christians reach their potential. Some simply drop out. Why? Usually because they don’t have a real understanding of their new identity in Christ.

The Freedom in Christ course first helps people grasp all that happened the moment they became Christians: who we are in Christ; the truth of God’s unconditional love; why there is no condemnation; why we don’t have to languish in cycles of sin, negative thinking and hopelessness.

But good teaching on its own is not enough. Although the key to freedom is knowing the truth (John 8:32), simply telling people the truth doesn’t mean that they really know it. The course has a kind and gentle ministry process to help people repent of past sin and resist the devil. For many this “clearing out of rubbish” is the key to the teaching falling into place.

Starts on Tuesday 7 January 2014 at church offices from 7.30-9.30. 

This is a 13 week course. Open to everyone. Please let Richard or Angie know if you are wanting to do the course so we can make sure we have enough books.