Groundlevel’s Leadership Training

“Great leaders need regular input and support and here at GL’s Leadership Engine we hope to provide the resources and support for you to reach the full potential of God’s calling on your life.”


Have you a calling from God to lead in His church?
Have you the support and recognition from your church?
Then this course is for you. Whether a seasoned leader or just starting the journey of leadership.

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Living Life to the Full Course

Starts Monday 15 January 1.30-3.00
for 8 weeks but not 12 February

Session topics:

1. Why do I feel so bad?

2. I can’t be bothered doing anything.

3. Why does everything always go wrong?

4. I’m not good enough: (low confidence)

5. How to fix almost everything.

6. The thing you do that mess you up.

7. Are you strong enough to keep your temper?

8. Ten things you can do to help you feel happier straight away.

For further information contact Angie Spence on
07917221896 or e-mail

Restoration Centre Drop-in 2017


Life has struggles and at times we need support. We may suffer with stress, anxiety, depression, worries, fears, low self-esteem, loneliness, parenting & relationship problems, addictions, unhealthy lifestyle, bereavement & loss, financial issues, pregnancy crisis or have other areas of need. We can make changes to overcome issues and to be free to live our lives to the full. Support to do this is available from The Restoration Centre. There is no charge for this support.

Please drop-in to chat to see what the Restoration Centre is, for yourself and so you can tell others.

Saturday 9 September 10 a.m-12.00

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or e-mail

Journeys Course 2017

For further information contact
Angie Spence on


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