Richard’s Ramble December 2022

‘Christmas Time; Mistletoe and wine; Children Singing Christian rhyme; With logs on the fire and gifts on the tree, It’s time to rejoice in the good that we see’. So says the popular song that reverberates in the shops as we run around trying to get things ready for...

Romans 6

This week David takes us through Romans 6 focussing on baptism and our new birth.

A Crisis of Leadership

It is not difficult to notice that we have a crisis of leadership at present in this country. I am not just talking about at governmental level, I am meaning at all levels. In 1969 Laurence J. Peter wrote a book called ‘The Peter Principle’ in which he suggested that,...

Food Parcels & Packing

Once again, we will compiling food parcels on 11th December for this Christmas to distribute to the poorest families in the area. If you can contribute items or time, please let Carolyn know, as below: