This is an 8 week course designed to give you solid foundations for your spiritual life that you can build on. It will not give you the answers to everything – that is the exciting part of the relationship with God: there is always more.

Each week we try different ways of worshiping, learn how to read the bible, pray and encourage each other to apply what we have learnt to our lives.

Week 1: Things you need to know

The things it is helpful for you to know about being part of the church, reading the bible and praying and much, much more.

Week 2: 10 Commandments

What is the difference between law and grace? How do we apply the 10 commandments to our lives now?

Week 3: God our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

How can God be our loving father and also an awesome creator? What about Jesus and the Holy Spirit? Does what we are rooted in make a difference to how we behave/feel? What are the fruits of the spirit? What are the gifts of the spirit?

Week 4: The Kingdom of God

What is the Kingdom of God? What is the difference between a church person and a Kingdom person?

Week 5: God’s will and depending on Him

Seeking God’s will when praying. How can we know His will? Where is God when bad things happen? Why do some people get healed and not others? What can we depend on God for?

Week 6: Forgiveness and repentance.

Why is forgiving so important? What if the other person is not sorry? What about forgiving ourselves? What is repentance?

Week 7: Temptation and sin

Is it a sin to be tempted? What does being in a battle mean? What spiritual activities are not ok? How can we protect ourselves?

Week 8: Wholeness

What is the difference between our spirit, body and soul? What happens when we get hurt? How can the truth set us free? Who are we in God?