As the Christmas Carols fade in our ears and the tinsel begins to look tired around the tree, our thoughts turn to the year ahead. This can provoke a number of different reactions. For some there may be a sense of anticipation as they consider some good things they know will lie ahead. For others there may be a sense of ‘same old, same old’ as they move from December to January. For still others there may be fear and dread; perhaps there are financial of family challenges to be encountered or a difficult job that they feel trapped in.

For all of us the passing of one year into another marks another opportunity to make a difference. God has placed us on this earth to embody Jesus to those we meet. For some that may be the only way they will ever encounter him. For others we may represent the echoes of a distant memory of faith that once they followed but which has
become crowded out or forgotten in the busyness of life. You and I can make a difference in the lives of those we meet, if we are willing. This New Year,don’t make resolutions, but choose to live as a child of the King. Who knows how many will be impacted by that choice.

God Bless,