This year the teaching series is focusing on Jesus the Messiah. He is, of course, the focus of our faith. In coming to earth and laying aside his majesty, he achieved what could be achieved no other way: reconciliation between us and God; between the creation and the creator; between heaven and earth. He is the bridge (or to use the Biblical word, Media-tor) between the Father and Humanity. He is the one who came to make a way where there was no way so that all of creation could come back into Divine order – back under the authority of the King of Kings. The more we understand the person and mis-sion of Jesus, the greater is our sense of thankfulness and worship, and the bigger the need to tell others so that they too can come into this same relationship with the creator and sustainer of all things.

The world is generally oblivious of its need of God. Obsessed with the material reali-ties of life, and putting all thoughts of eternity to one side, people go about their daily lives not realising what they are missing out on, and also the peril they are in. It may be a trite thing to say but Jesus really is the answer (now what is the question?). This month, remember you have the answer to the world’s problems and in you is the hope of eternity.

God bless,