As I sit here trying to compose my sermon for this coming Sunday, thoughts of the world around me flood my mind. The unity across denominations that I witnessed at Swanwick this week, despite differences, stands in stark contrast to the posturing and disunity that we see in the world around us, especially in the Brexit negotiations. Added to this is the news of storm disasters around the world, the near starvation of 5 million children in Yemen caused by another needless war, the infighting of the government and the anti -semitism of the opposition… the list could go on. This all signals the fact that we live in a broken world. Politicians do not have the answers – most of them seem motivated by self-interest. There is only one answer to the brokenness of this world and that is Jesus. He is the one who was broken on behalf of the world to bring healing to the nations. 

One day he will return and fix this world but in the meantime, he commissions us to be agents of his wholeness and salvation. We may not be able to fix the world but we can, through Jesus, administer to others the healing that Jesus has given to us. 

God bless, Richard