We would like to bless the families linked with the Beverley Children’s & Family Centre this Easter by providing   practical food hampers. This  will  be carried  out the same way as the Christmas food hampers, but with Easter treats and tracts in them also. If you would like to donate towards a parcel (any amount), please give through the Giving page under the Contacts menu or arrange a payment with Yvonne or myself. The parcels will need to be ready for the w/c: 22nd March.

Many thanks, as always. Blessings! Carolyn


A huge thank you from the Children’s Centre for all the support with the food hampers over Christmas it truly was appreciated by each family who received them, I have some feedback from the families who received them that I thought you might like to hear:

“It was lovely and was a huge great help.”

“Thank you so much for the bag from the community church. We really needed what was in there and didn’t expect anything like this. We are blown away by how generous the community and everyone involved has been and I want you to know how truly thankful we are.”

One family said if they could hug people to thank them for their support they would as they truly needed the hamper for Christmas as they didn’t know what they were doing for Christmas for food.

“I don’t know what we would off done without the food hamper this year, it truly has come at the right time for us as we didn’t know what we would do for Christmas.”

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so kind, this has truly helped our family this year at Christmas.”