This has not been a good couple of months for Carolyn and I. First we had my op and the news that I can’t drive for six months. Then we both had covid, from which we are still recovering. Then, Carolyn had a rather nasty car accident. Then, she had a puncture in the middle of nowhere in the replacement car. One way or another we have felt a little battered and bruised.

Despite all that, we know that God has been with us. He was with me on the operating table. He was with us through covid. He was with Carolyn in the car when she crashed so that she was able to walk away with just bruises. He was with her when she had a puncture, providing an angel-policeman to rescue her.

The reality is that there is nothing a child of God can go through without God. We may not always feel his presence, but we know he is there. The promise of scripture is that, during times of testing, he will provide a way through (1 Corinthians 10:13), and that is our testimony.

God bless