As British people, we love talking about the weather. On the 10th┬áSeptember last year, temperatures reached 33.5 degrees in Faverhsam, Kent, and yet most of the summer was completely hit and miss. However, extreme weather conditions are nothing new. Between 1314 and 1316, the sun didn’t actually come out – it was a period of nearly continuous rain causing famine and hardship with approximately 10% of the UK population dying of starvation.
The weather, particularly lack of sun, can cause a deficiency of Vitamin D. This vitamin helps keep our teeth and bones healthy, but lack of it can also lead to low mood and depression.
Unlike the weather, our God is consistent. His love never fades and his compassion is always towards us. We need never fear that he will be for us one day and against us another. He is always for us! We can rest assured in the Him, through the good times and the bad.
God bless