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We have now lifted most restrictions, although we are encouraging people to retain facemasks and social distancing. If you would like to attend in person, please feel free to do so. Our services are also being broadcast on our Beverley Community Church Facebook page.


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For more information or further help;
email: info@beverleycommunitychurch.org or phone: 01482 868124


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Richard Bradbury – Leader


Latest Blog Posts

1 Peter – Introduction

Richard Bradbury commences a new series looking at 1 Peter. In this first week, he reviews the life of Peter, as portrayed in the New Testament and then considers the opening two verses of the book.

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You always hurt the one you love

The 1940's song says, 'You always hurt the one you love'. Unfortunately, this is so easily done. It is those we are closest to with whom we are most vulnerable and who are most vulnerable to us who are most easily hurt by our words and actions, even if not...

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Values & Priorities

Last week, I was diagnosed with a heart condition. The main symptom is breathlessness when I have been trying to run. As long as I don’t overexert myself it should not be too much of an issue going forward providing I stick to the prescribed medication. The reason for...

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